Private Charter

With a private charter, the sky is the limit. Travel in style from the pick up/drop off location of your choice, or upgrade your next taxi ride to the airport. Make your dream hunting trip a reality with transportation to remote game areas and hunting lodges. Let us transport you to a remote area for your next river rafting trip. Planning to propose? Make your engagement or arrival at the altar a moment to remember. Aspiring sommelier? Plan your own Southern Oregon winery tour by air.

Let’s Go Somewhere


Aerial Photography

Timberland Helicopters offers support for film and video production utilizing external as well as internal camera mounts. We can also help shoot footage for fish and wildlife counts, observing wildlife in their native habitat. From documentaries to commercials to feature films, we have experience gathering production-quality aerial shots via gyro-stabilized Cineflex technology.

Let’s Shoot



Build your own adventure with Timberland sightseeing services. Tour the scenic Applegate and Rogue Valleys, view your home or property from the air, or climb your way up Mt Shasta — no ice ax needed. Along the way you might see wildlife including antelope, elk, deer and coyote, or watch the colors of the sunset reflected on the Rogue River.

Let’s Fly


External Load Transport

Transporting external loads is our specialty. From setting power poles to installing air conditioners, our team has extensive experience performing long-line transport in all kinds of terrain. We have assisted clients with delivering Christmas trees, placing mountaintop repeaters, setting up weather antennae and delivering generators to remote construction projects. We also maintain strong working relationships with various heavy-lift operators to accommodate even the largest of loads.

Let’s Sling



Timberland is ready to help execute your next construction project, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Building via helicopter can cut costs and increase efficiency by easily delivering materials such as trusses, water tanks, and propane systems. Design your dream cabin and we’ll deliver the materials from sheetrock to plumbing to heavy-duty machinery.

Let’s Build


Aerial Seeding & Fertilization

Timberland is a trusted aerial seeding and fertilization contractor for the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management. We have the ability to distribute native grasses for reseeding after forest fires, logging or structure removal. For example, in 2010 we were hired to reseed after the removal of the Gold Ray Dam, making way for a pivotal habitat restoration project.

Let’s Plant


Firefighting/Aerial Ignition

Timberland has the ability to provide full fire support including water bucket operations, firefighter transport, air attack, and aerial ignition, including helitorch and PSD. We are one of only a select few operators who provide a turn-key helitorch module. This includes a batch truck capable of up to 2000 gallons of gel at a time, an array of torches including Simplex and Isolair, and the well trained and qualified crew to operate them. We are on call year round to provide support for the Oregon Department of Forestry, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Cal-Fire. We are proud to serve our community by protecting National Forests as well as private and public lands.

Let’s Burn


Powerline Patrol/Maintenance

Timberland has extensive experience with power line patrol, including visual inspection, corona and IR inspections. Since 1994 Timberland has maintained a contract with PacifiCorp to provide helicopter power-line patrol and CWN services for 95% of PacifiCorp lines in the Northwest. Our pilots strive to become part of the team not just a “driver”. We deliver materials, tools, generators and also assist with setting poles/crossarms, pulling line and responding to outages.

Let’s Patrol

Wildlife Survey & Observation

Timberland maintains strong working relationships with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, United States Forest Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and California Department of Fish & Wildlife assisting with wildlife surveying. We utilize infrared technology as well as visual spotters to observe elk, deer, waterfowl, grouse, bighorn sheep, antelope, and salmon. Our clients have found aerial observation to be more efficient for large/remote areas, more cost-effective and less invasive to wildlife.

Let’s Count


Law Enforcement/Surveillance

Timberland has served as a key player in law enforcement and marijuana eradication, and maintained the Jackson County SD marijuana contract from 1987 through 2004. We also completed Douglas county marijuana flights in 2002/2003, and have assisted with various marijuana eradication projects with the USFS and DOI. We are also on call to assist with search and rescue efforts, working intimately with the Jackson County Sheriff and other regional authorities.

Let’s Scout


Emergency Transport

Timberland is certified to assist with emergency medical response efforts as well as disaster relief. Our aircraft are capable of accommodating stretchers and medical personnel, and providing expedited support to remote operations from private logging companies to back country travelers.

Let’s Evac


Logging, Trucking & Snowcat

Timberland is pleased to offer contract logging, trucking and snowcat services through our two sister companies, Timberland Logging and Siskiyou Transportation, Inc. STI offers snow cat services to utility companies, cellular phone companies, radio site maintenance personnel, and many others, and can also dispatch log trucks throughout Oregon and Northern California.

Let’s Truck