Timberland Helicopters is a company committed to safety. Pilot flight training is top priority. Firefighting and utility patrol work in the western United States encompass some of the toughest flight conditions pilots encounter. With mountainous terrain combined with ever-changing weather, pilots flying in these conditions on a regular basis gain experience many other pilots never achieve. At Timberland, our pilots are well trained and equipped to fly in these challenging environments.

In addition to our FAA accepted flight training manual we continually train all of our pilots in precision long line, low-level mountain flying, and operating in the wire environment. We are fortunate to have our facilities located in the midst of a prime training ground at an elevation of 2,000ft in a small valley surrounded by mountains stretching to 8,000ft. This provides a training area very identical to that of the area we serve; hot summer months, snowy winters, and challenging winds throughout.


Timberland has an excellent communications system. We are licensed to operate several VHF frequencies across several mountaintop repeaters located throughout the Southern Oregon and Northern California area. In addition to this, all of our ground support vehicles have 2-way radio communications which expands our ability to communicate with our aircraft over a larger geographical area.  Aircraft and service vehicles dispatched to remote locations will be equipped with satellite phones. Each aircraft is also equipped with a satellite tracking system.  All of these systems ensure excellent communications and accurate flight following throughout every flight.