Timberland collects critical inspection data for the power industry to maintain a working national power grid. We use Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) inspections in cooperation with our strategic utility partners to increase quality, efficiency, and safety. Timberland continues to make great strides in critical infrastructure inspection and while keeping safety our top priority.

Construction Site

Safety Inspections

Our inventory of Unmanned Aerial Systems have multiple industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. With experience in construction planning, site monitoring, progress documentation, remote inspection and structural safety we have a plan for you. Timberland’s top of the line equipment can get you evidence of mechanical failures and degradation prior to any costly mishaps. You tell us what you’re looking for and we can find it!


Aerial Photography / Videography

Whether you need photography, videography or both Timberland can set up a package that fits your companies needs perfectly. Our team understand our clients need for the perfect shot at all the right angles and were confident in our capability to deliver for you.

Solar Farm


Timberland is the first choice for the green energy industry when aerial inspections are needed. Our highly skilled pilots, safety officers, and Unmanned Aerial Systems capture high resolution imagery for mapping, surveying, quality control, and construction. Timberland is a priceless asset in the planning, building and operations phases of all energy plants. Wind turbines and hydroelectric damns offer a different set of safety concerns and obstacles but our safety protocols and skilled pilots ensure safety while working in hazardous and challenging environments. Timberland also uses industry leading software programs to produce accurate and detailed 3D models for site planning and construction.




Precision agriculture is here and Timberland is ready to increase your yield while lowering your
output. Advances in technology allow our unmanned aerial systems to record multi-spectral images of your crop. Our team offers specialized solutions from start to finish so you can maximize crop performance, optimize asset monitoring, and better manage your crops. If plant health or water quality is a concern let us collect and analyze the data so you can just plant and pick.

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