Timberland’s current aircraft contract services include the following:
• U.S.F.S. Call-When-Needed (CWN) contract with Region 6
• United States Department of the Interior CWN contract
• Oregon Department of Forestry Exclusive Use Contract in Klamath Falls, OR
• Oregon Department of Forestry CWN statewide contract
• Cal-Fire CWN statewide contract
• Contract with PacifCorp for power line patrol, construction, and emergency services
• Multiple contracts with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
• Routine Pipline patrol for Northwest Natural Gas


Timberland Helicopters is certificated by the FAA for Part 133, Part 135, and Part 137 operations. In addition to these FAA certifications, Timberland and all of its pilots are carded by the United States Forest Service, as well as the Department of the Interior’s Office of Aircraft Services. Timberland is also a very active member of the Helicopter Association International.