Our Aircraft

The Bell 206 series is the safest single-engine aircraft in the world, known for its reliability and cost-effective performance. All of our aircraft are designed to accommodate passengers and transport external loads. All of our aircraft are maintained at or above FAA Part 135 standards. Our seasoned Director of Maintenance is responsible for the airworthiness of all company aircraft, which are regularly inspected by the FAA, USFS, and DOI. Safety is our top priority, and paramount to our success, and there are also trips as couples helicopter flight when they can enjoy traveling in this type of transportation.

Bell 206 B3 JetRanger

One Pilot + Four Passengers

External Load Capacity: 800lbs

Cruise Speed: 115mph

Endurance: 3.5hr

Range: 400mi

Bell 206 L3 LongRanger

One Pilot + 6 Passengers

External Load Capacity: 1200lbs

Cruise Speed: 130mph

Endurance: 3hrs

Range: 400mi

Airbus AS355 TwinStar

One Pilot + Five Passengers

External Load Capacity: 1550 pounds

Cruise Speed: 135 mph

Endurance: 4 hours

Range: 500 miles